Southern Delights- a new collection by Anderson Designs!

Aug 08, 2013

There has been a lot of interest in Southern culture lately—everything from food to music to lifestyle. Several Southern cities have been designated as top U.S. cities to live in this year (music city is at the top of that list)! Since The Anderson Design Group firm is located in Nashville, Tennessee, coming up with lots of great material came naturally to them! The result is a new line of art that Southerners love because it reflects who they are. People from other places fall in love with the simplicity, comfort, nostalgia and whimsical qualities associated with southern lifestyle reflected in this series. 




 The Anderson Design Group has also added over a dozen NEW National Parks designs to their Art & Soul of America series. They plan to create several more park designs over the next few months, and they are open to requests from folks who have a favorite outdoor destination that they would like to see depicted in their classic style.




 The Anderson Design Group  is currently working on a new series of designs for men! Often, we have customers tell us that they are having trouble buying a gift for Dad, a husband, brother or friend who is a dude. Anderson Design understands that guys like to decorate with art, but they LOVE art that doesn’t look like it was picked out by a girl! Men crave art that celebrates the things they care about,  so this manly new line of images will focus on sports, dogs, beer, cars, planes, trains, fishing, hunting, outdoor adventure, man caves, etc. This new line of designs should be ready to unveil in November or December so keep checking our website to see if the images have arrived! 


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HUGE selection of Anderson Design wall decals available NOW!!

Aug 05, 2013

Wall decals are the newest fad for Interior decorators as well as Do-It-Yourselfers because they make decorating so easy and fun. Wall Decals can be used on windows, walls and tiles for decoration. They are a great way of adding color to an appartment, condo, or dorm room without having to paint or put holes in the walls! Decals even serve as a tool to inform people that there is a glass door or window.


We are excited to announce that our artist, Anderson Design, now has designs available as wall decals. These removable vinyl wall decals feature your favorite retro character and themes, and are easy to apply and reapply. You can add a unique decoration to any wall in a flash! Order your favorite Anderson Design image as a wall decal today! 

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