Coming soon: art from the Stephen Huneck Gallery!

Sep 27, 2013

Stephen Huneck believed in the healing powers of dogs, nature, art and love. It was his wish that he could help others heal as well as heal himself, so he created these whimsical and charming images to inspire dog lovers of all ages. Along with his paintings, he created an amazing retreat for dogs and their owners called Dog Mountain. Dog Mountain is set on 150 acres on a private mountain top spot in St. Johnsbury, Vermont. Dogs are not only welcome here, they are cherished! The dogs are free to run, play, swim and best of all… meet other dogs! This haven is covered with hiking trails and dog ponds. Wildflowers abound in the summer and snowshoeing is a favorite activity in the winter. 


There is also a Dog Chapel at Dog Mountain. Stephen believed that Grieving for a lost dog is one aspect of the Dog Chapel, but it is equally important to celebrate the joy of living and the bond between dogs and their owners. Stephen Huneck wanted people and dogs to have the most fun they possibly could.

After a life long battle with depression, the artist tragically took his own life on 1/7/10. The staff is determined to keep Dog Mountain going in his memory. The amazing team at Dog Mountain wanted to share Stephen’s feel good pieces with the world, so they signed with ALI.

Keep checking our page so you can see the available images- perfect for all product categories! 

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