Grew up in Chicago area. Rounding up: 4 years in L.A., 5 years various foreign places, 35 years in Northern California, followed by 8 years and counting in Daytona Beach, FL. No jail time (well, one night--no big deal). CV: Copy Products Specialist, bookkeeper, movie usher, telephone sales, asst. pizza cook, traveling toymaker (prefer "soft sculpture"), English (for foreigners) teacher, drug smuggler/dealer, stand up-poet,  jeweler, car salesman, hand/figure drawing model (long story), stage/TV actor ("America's Most Wanted"--prisoner in Alcatraz cell #322), voice actor, professional dancer (another long story), professional heckler (another long story--and by "long story", I really mean very short story), candy store clerk (more to it, nothing nasty), graphic designer, art fair artist, art dealer, writer (1 book, mostly pictures), journalist (1 newspaper article) mostly artist/owner/publisher at Aberrant Art Gallery in Daytona Beach . Married for a few years somewhere in there. Don't tell her where I am, nor the authorities in several foreign countries. No adoring wife, no lovely children, 1 bankruptcy. Happy as a clam at a kosher deli.

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