Al Hogue was born in the mountains of British Columbia, Canada. He had the good fortune to have lived in some of the most beautiful places in North America and also lived in Hawaii for 28 years. As a child he learned to respect and enjoy the beauty of nature. He began drawing at a very young age, he only started painting at the age of 32 and is completely self taught.

Naturally with his love of nature he wanted to share what he has seen and what his imagination has envisioned, he loves to mix fantasy and realism together.

His painting technique, and his philosophy, can be described in one word - light. The old Renaissance Masters, like Da Vinci and Rembrandt, recognized that light is the reflection of nature, of life itself. Their paintings are masterful portraits of life. I have spent the last 25 years studying their technique. I want viewers of my artwork to feel as if the painting were glowing and radiating its own light source. Light is everything in my paintings: Light is both my primary technique and the symbol of God's life-giving, healing nature. I discovered that many research studies have proven that art can, and does, promote healing.

My art was included in a research study, testing the healing effect of art on hospital patients. Previous research has established that alpha brain waves stimulate physiological healing. The test determined that my art induced the largest measurable quantity of alpha brain waves in test patients being shown images from hundreds of different artists. Because of the result of that study, my art now decorates hundreds of patients' rooms in U.S. hospitals.

Light from the moon or the sun washes across all his paintings. Light represents Life - the essence of all living things.

Al would like to invite the you to step into his paintings and feel the healing power of God’s glory.  

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