All of my life I have loved color.  Through my art, I hope to communicate the amazing experience I have when I view the world of color around us.  I am fascinated by the way light illuminates plants from behind with the beauty of glowing colors; the way colors change when one color is juxtaposed against another; and the way colors can take on a mood and affect the way we feel.  I would like to share the great joy that color brings into my life by creating new ways to experience color with those who view my artwork.

Los Angeles is my home and where I create. I graduated from Art Center College of Design in 1985 with honors.  For over 30 years, I have been a successful, award winning free-lance illustrator.  I have also taught color theory, design, and illustration at Otis College of Art and Design.

I use both digital photography and digital painting techniques to create exciting new digital imagery. Most recently, I began working on abstract mixed media paintings. The interactions between different fluid mediums are ever-fascinating as one body of color interacts with another.

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