About me. I have always been an artist. I began taking oil painting lessons when I was six years old when we moved from Acapulco, Mexico to Houston, Texas. I continued making art through high school and graduated from the Art Institute in 1984 with a degree in Advertising Design. In 2016, we built a beautiful studio on our property where I work and paint. It’s been such a blessing to finally have the space to spread out and create to my heart’s content. I teach classes and host workshops here as well. And, I’m never without a furry friend at my side.

About my work. I combine my love of design, color and texture to bring each painting to life. My paintings are abstract, intuitive and painterly. I almost never have a plan when I begin a painting,

so it becomes a mosaic of meaningful words, paper, paint, pencil, oil pastels and a lot of love and patience. And a bit of my DNA. I have heard from collectors that my art brings them something that feels like joy and hope.

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