Australian artist Cindy Wider leads us on an uplifting and refreshing journey with her joyous and vivid artworks that are filled with wonder! She transports us into a world of tropical paradise through her use of carefully composed bright bold and luscious colour. Her artworks often include imagery of lush foliage and brightly coloured flora and fauna which is mostly inspired by the Australian beach lifestyle and her childhood having grown up in the Western Highlands of Papua New Guinea.‘I really enjoy creating artworks that are fun, happy and filled with bright gorgeous colour. It really uplifts my soul and makes me smile, so I assume it does the same for others. If I can bring moments of happiness and uplifting escapism into the lives of others then I feel that I am making a valuable contribution to the rest of the world.’ Currently residing in England, Cindy has been a full-time artist and author for over 25 years and is enjoying an exciting and prolific art career. She has won many awards for her work including a government scholarship and many invited solo exhibitions. She has enjoyed numerous representations with art galleries and her original artworks have been collected by hundreds of corporations and private individuals all around the world. She has had her artworks published in many art education books, magazines, and newspapers.

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