The Blue Collar Perspective

David Paine grew up in Rossville, Kansas, a small town with a population of 2,000. His only access to the world of art was through the outdoor and hunting magazines and Remington wildlife art calendars. Those calendars propelled him to a love of art and wildlife. He started out at age 5 pencil drawing, and by age 10 his parents bought him his first oil paint set. He’s been working in oils ever since.

He felt he was more of a blue-collar hands on type person so going to college wasn’t the path for him. He felt he could learn more by doing rather than sitting in lecture halls.

Currently, his primary work is in construction, where he has been able to enhance his artistic ability. He builds his own frames for his artwork pieces and also builds custom furniture pieces for the home where he can incorporate his art as well. His latest creation was the building of a set of barn doors for an interior dormer opening and painted an Alaskan mountain scene with a moose camouflaged in the trees. The scene really added a “wow” factor to the barn door and makes for a great conversation piece.

David has donated artwork to places like Pheasants Forever, Ducks Unlimited, Elk Foundation, Safari Club and Quail Unlimited. The local chapters of some of these groups have presented him with awards for his work and many hunters and sportsmen have purchased several items of his artwork and to David, that is the best reward there is.

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