Dawn Allen can't say when she became an artist because art is what she has filled her days with since she was a child. In 2014 Dawn’s artwork changed dramatically when she was diagnosed with a visual condition. “I learned that I did not have depth perception and that I had been seeing double my whole life without realizing it!” After getting therapeutic glasses and vision therapy Dawn gained depth perception and literally began to see the world differently. At first Dawn’s new vision was unsettling but soon she became inspired to create a new body of work.

“As I continued to adjust to my new vision I started experimenting with new techniques.” In 2016 Dawn started teaching herself to draw with a stylus pen on the computer. She created her own technique of digital art, marrying the appearance of fiber art with digital innovation.

Dawn lives and creates art in her home studio in Western MA with her husband, two young daughters, and a small farm full of animals including one special pony who can play the piano.

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