"With a passion for maps and the environment"

Robert Szucs is a digital cartographer turned artist who saw the potential to turn nature's patterns into contemporary artwork. Under his moniker Grasshopper Geography, the Hungarian artist creates informative and beautiful maps about a wide range of geographic subjects, from rivers to forests and population density to elevation.

His colorful maps began as a creative outlet and an escape from everyday office drudgery, but since then he has worked with clients from dozens of countries and every continent. His works featured in countless articles from CNN to The Washington Post and a lot of others, and also in books, documentary films, textbooks, museums, classrooms, and thousands of homes and offices around the world. He's also taking custom assignments from Art Licensing International's clients, to make sure they receive exactly what they need.

Szucs frequently contributes maps to fundraisers, and regularly volunteers his mapmaking and GIS skills to NGOs. He has volunteered years in total for different organizations, spending an average of three to six months in each location. He has worked for archaeologists on the tiny Caribbean island of St. Eustatius, with marine biologists in Alaska, and in an orangutan conservation program in Indonesian Borneo, amongst others.

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