From a very early age I was very passionate about art and spent a great deal of time painting and drawing. Having nurtured very little interest in other subjects, I would spend hours trying to perfect my drawing skills; sometimes to the detriment of other, more academic, pursuits.
In my early twenties I moved town and entered the field of animation. I spent several decades working for several studios including the Australian division of Disney Animation as an assistant animator. 
After taking a couple of years away from animation in the early nineties, I moved from Australia to Montana and rekindled my love of the natural world while working for a brief time in publishing.
Moving back to Australia in the late nineties, I returned to the Disney Australia studio and spent a decade in the digital department of ‘Backgrounds’ assisting a team of talented artists.
After retiring from animation I actively pursued my two passions both writing and painting. I published my first book in 2009 and finally abandoned the digital stylus in favor of a paint brush.  Spirituality has played a significant role my life and I have found painting a form of private meditation on the natural world;  to that end I continue to pursue my childhood passion.

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