Jane Hinchliffe, is a self-taught artist who resides in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales, UK with her husband and two boys. Her work is mainly in mixed media or acrylic and is represented in galleries. Jane exhibits her work regularly via local group settings and Open Studio events.

For Jane, putting the paintbrush to canvas is an act of love combined with a deep spiritual awareness and trusting of intuition. There is a willingness to risk vulnerability and the desire to stay open to new possibilities, therefore learning profound truths about herself and the world with every paint stroke.

Each painting begins with an image/feeling in her mind’s eye that begs to be expressed. Cascades of vibrant colour are built-up intuitively in order to achieve a feeling of infinite space and time. As layers of colour emerge, she leaves room for spontaneity and she loves to harmonize colour and form, whilst playing with composition.

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