The first-time artist John Salozzo was introduced to photorealism at his university RISD, he realized this was the style of art he wanted to make. That interest served him well in his career as a successful commercial illustrator in Boston, Mass. for 20 years. During that period, his work was published in many national magazines and publications. Salozzo also illustrated the rock band Boston’s “Third Stage” album cover, which Rolling Stone ranked in the top 10 album covers for that year. He was awarded a platinum album for his work on the album cover.

Salozzo tends to work on a thematic series of paintings, such as a music, St. Louis Building Icons, Vintage Toys, Landscapes and even Space themed artwork. “I believe you should, like in writing, paint what you know and what truly interests you,” Salozzo says.

His work has been described as “quiet elegance”, even though he tends to use bright colors. The paintings are sometimes mistaken as photographs because of their sharpness and clarity of image but always retain a classiness about them. He does use photos as a reference but in most cases, the painting is an amalgamation of several photos and things made up. John uses both a traditional paint brushes and sometimes airbrushes to achieve the look he is going for in the final piece.

John Salozzo’s fine art can be found at the prestigious Kodner Gallery in Ladue, Missouri and the Stone Soup Galleries in Chesterfield, Missouri as well as numerous corporate and private collections.

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