I already knew that I would be an artist when I was 3 years old. It's good that my parents did not interfere with my choice.

After graduating from art school and the Academy of Design and Arts, I was firmly established in my decision. I like to engage in different areas of art: design, painting, graphics, illustration, photography, digital art, scenography, teaching, composing fairy tales. This is not a complete list of what I do.

Somebody can approach me with a variety of directions and offer to do one thing. I can say that doing the same thing is boring. I am interested in everything! In general, I have pronounced tendencies for fantasy and experiment. I experiment with the technology of art materials, combining composition and subjects. During my creative life (about half of century) I have illustrated dozens of books and have drawn countless of works in different techniques. By the way, I'm laureate of international competitions of illustrations, a member of the Honour List 2004 for the high quality illustrations of Basel, Switzerland and hold the Certificate of Honour for Illustration (for “Piratic stories”), Cape Town, South Africa. When I draw, I immerse myself in the atmosphere of this fantastic colorful world and feel like a creator of what is not in real life. It is very exciting and fun. It gives me vitality.

Painting of a picture is always the creation of a new fascinating story, in the language of fine art, which everyone understands. This is the embodiment of a dream about the world that we would like to see it in reality: harmonious and perfect!

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