Christina Lovisa, a native to Canada’s Capital city, Ottawa, is a self-taught contemporary, mixed media artist. Working in a broad range of mediums, from encaustic (beeswax) to acrylic paints and ‘found object assemblage’, she produces a varied range of artworks suited to her client’s needs or simply to satisfy her own primal instinct - to create. Her paintings have been in shows and galleries in Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto and New York City. She has an international clientele, which includes Cirque du Soleil and the Michel Jackson estate, who represent both her original works and art prints, taking them to to clients around the globe.

Christina’s inspiration is intrinsic to her being. She feels she’s merely a vessel, translating the currents of expression that flow through her into tangible pieces to be experienced. These creations are produced through an organic, collaborative merger of tactile elements. Transparencies, wax, flame and blade help to cut through the surface and expose the weathered stories within. She is constantly expanding her knowledge of different mediums, looking to find further ways to release the creative flow. The spontaneity of endless ideas guides her hand

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