Mark Durham (artist of mad dog art gallery) doesn’t always take things at face value—he’s always looking for the truth that lies beneath the surface. It’s not surprising then as a portrait artist, Mark is more concerned with capturing on his canvas what the subject is rather than what he looks like. With his own quirky sense of humor and a nod toward the heroes from whose lives and work he draws inspiration, Mark produces portraits of pets and people as they populate the private world of his imagination.

In his artwork, Mark is concerned with themes of humor, joy, beauty, irony and spirituality. All of which can be found twisting thoughout the composition of a single portrait. In his imagery, Mark seems to encourage us to think, to actually enjoy thinking, to look closer to find the joy and spirituality that is in everyone, even if lurking slightly beneath the surface.

A Mark Durham portrait is not for the timid or conservative minded: Mark’s art is for those of us who enjoy costume parties, funhouses, daydreams— even delusions of grandeur. Mark’s paintings are for everyone who wanted to be king (or queen) for -a-day, for everyone who has been caught in the ecstatic throes of a glorious air guitar solo.

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