Currently residing in Bristol, UK but originally from Buckinghamshire. I attended the University of Huddersfield as a graphic design student but years later I find I have scribbled my way to being a full time freelance illustrator, artist or graphic artist. Call it what you will, I like to draw things for people, often strange and mainly animals in particular.

I like to imagine that they have deeper levels of consciousness and powers that humans are not aware of or have lost touch with over time.  This is shown through quite psychedelic imagery and the use of organic and tribal elements all intertwined.  I use a mixture of traditional and digital techniques where by I draw and ink on paper then scan and colour digitally.  The colouring stage also includes making my own textures using watercolours and other processes which I also scan in and add to the mix.

Clients include: Moment Skis, Dusters California, Liquid Force, Original Skateboards, Bloomsbury Publishing, Wales Millenium Centre, Popeska, Rami Kadi, Humanoid Wakeboards.

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