I started out being very fascinated with color, especially the color nature produced from the sky to the oceans. It varied in so many ways. I used this fascination on my journeys as a Pro Surfer. I traveled to many exotic locales, blending color and culture of the different people I came across. Many of the people would use color to state they were beautiful, they were not afraid to use color and were proud to show it off. After surfing I went in a different direction and studied art and graphic design at Lansing Community College. I learned more about color and the effects of combining them in multiple medias. I turned to photography and entered numerous contest and winning awards. The strange thing is that most of these were with black and white images. In 2004 I suffered a traumatic brain injury that required emergency surgery and 6 titanium plates to replace part of my skull. I heard the Dr telling a therapist they did not expect me to live or walk and talk again. In 3 days I walked and talked… I could not let this keep me down, it was not my time yet. After the incident, I noticed I started to see color in a more vivid expression. I couldn't believe how bright everything had become. I started playing around with the computer and thus the beginning of a new career. I use as much color as I can to complete my work.


My vision for the art that I produce is to allow the viewer to see and keep life's flavor "fresh", to not overlook the simple, and to celebrate differences in the world.

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