I was born June 14th, 1978 in Montreal, Canada. My parents are both Welsh, and were the first from each of their families to immigrate. Shortly after I was born, we moved to the San Francisco Bay Area, bouncing around from town to town until finally arriving on the north shore of Lake Tahoe. Growing up in such a pristine mountain environment was an amazing experience that has had lasting and profound effects on my artistic vision and appreciation for nature. Tahoe is a magical place.

Tahoe in the 90's was also the epicenter for the birth of snowboarding, which I believe contributed to my aesthetic and artistic style. Learning to snowboard in those days was a creative endeavor. This was before the internet and YouTube, there were no instructional videos. We were coming up with it from scratch. It wasn't so much what we were doing, but how it felt while doing it... it was about being fluid and smooth, and creating your own style. Which is something I feel has translated over into my visual artwork.

Through high school, I knew that I wanted to be an artist. I managed to get decent grades, but certainly did more doodling than note-taking. I continued this trend through my years at Colorado College. I doodled my way through all the required courses, and took the mandatory Art 101's... drawing, painting, etc... but it wasn't until "Intro-to-Photoshop" that I discovered what I wanted to do. I've always been really into computers and technical gadgets. I once memorized the DOS manual via a bribe from my parents for my first computer when I was 12. So when my eyes were opened to the possibilities of combining artwork with the computer... I was hooked.

After graduating in 2001, I moved out to Hollywood to join my brothers playing bass in our band Storytyme, which turned out to be a fantastic musical voyage spanning 7 years, and also what brought us to Boulder. During those years, I concentrated heavily on creating music, but was also developing my artwork and Photoshop chops designing show posters and album covers.

In 2008 we decided to take a break from music and follow our own individual passions. This lead me to focusing on my artwork full-time. Since then it's been one crazy whirlwind-of-an-adventure that has taken me all over the country.

Throughout this journey I have received unprecedented support from my family, friends, and fans the world over. I could not possibly be living this dream without your help, and as long as I'm able, I hope to continue creating this crazy colorful artwork expressing the love and joy I've been given in this life...  Thanks again for your phenomenal support!

Throughout my life I have felt a special connection with nature, and being outdoors inspires me to create. The amazing scenery in Colorado has certainly fueled this inspiration, and the surrounding landscapes appear frequently in my work. In addition to drawing the things I see around me, I also like to draw the things I come up with on my own. To imagine is the most fun. Lately I have been developing a style of artwork that combines pen drawings and digital design. I have always appreciated the raw nature of pen and ink, but I am also intrigued by the endless possibilities of the digital canvas. By combining the two I aim to create images that feel both organic, and state-of-the-art at the same time. I am truly grateful for the ability to create this art, and through it, I hope to bring as much positive energy into the world as I can.

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