Piero Milani is a full time Urban Underground Street  Artist, Born in Tuscany Italy. His Urban Underground Street Style Art is packed with energy, freedom, and  very child like. The rules do not apply to Piero, Pushing his work over the edge. His paintings are full of feeling and packed with endless colors. I describe my work as an undertow of social conscious. His philosophy is to paint what he feels, while making a contribution to humanity intellectually as an Artist with his paintings, and the love of art. Without creativity and love, the human race will die sleeping, loosing its intellectuality. To be a fully awake conscious human, one must use the six elements  mind, body, soul, passion, ego, and finally creativity.

My work represents a little child named igbe. Igbe Stand for International Genetics Being Eco.

One day I was walking down the street and I noticed a shiny object next to a pile of garbage on the side of the street. It was an odd shape. I picked it up and brought it home. I added two eyes and a mouth and igbe was born. At that point I realized my purpose for being an artist was to make a contribution to humanity intellectually. One night I was in my studio painting in Todo Santos,  Mexico, painting a large igbe. A gentlemen walked in with his wife and child and asked me what the image represented. I told him that it was a child that was born with problems and he represents all children with disabilities and igbe never gives up. He replied that he was Dr. Juan Carlos Zenteno, a genetic specialist who runs the genetics department in the one of the most important hospitals for eyes in Mexico city and he would love the painting for this hospital. There is a genetic defect in children called Clover Leaf Scull syndrome and the shape of the image’s head of my found piece has that characteristic. Dr Zenteno was the missing puzzle piece. How can a piece of garbage found on the side of the road mean something. So I made him into a character. I donated the painting to his hospital Conde De Valenciana

The Story of Igbe

igbe was born with a learning disability. He cant spell and has a very hard time focusing because there is a lot going on in this little child's brain. igbe’s mission is to be a pure artist. As you notice, he cant paint… he does not want to be a painter. He starts to paint, his body starts to grow into the shape of an elephant, the elephant represents wisdom and knowledge and different obstacles that igbe faces everyday. His soul turns into the bull, the bull represents humanity he always runs into the bully that’s trying to break his spirit he never gives up he loves pizza and he wants to save the bees due the reduction in pollination do to the reduction of clover plants the bird is called fearless freedom were in the end igbe soul will convert in to the bird and he will he for ever flying in the universe  a pure Artist. To this day I still don’t know what the shape is.

Piero Milani  has paintings in North America, South America, Asia, Australia, Europe.

Thank you

Piero Milani Urban Underground Street Artist 

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