PIT-POP is a joint venture created by a husband and wife team living in Italy.

Antonella Tolve is a designer born in Lucera, a little town of Puglia, in the South of Italy, in 1975. After classical studies Antonella Tolve graduated from Academy of Fine Arts in Foggia. She has worked a lot in advertising and never stop to make art.

Starting by electronic means which springs through the computer, she developed a personal artistic research between art and computer science. Her artwork is influenced
by digital artistic productions from the eighties and nineties, gaming industry, that led to the formation of artists not only interested in canvases and brushes, but rightly inspired
by a global exploration of creativity.

Gennaro Schinco is the dreamer; reserved, curious, and a practical, crucial, irreplaceable partner of this project. He attended the Art Institute but soon abandoned studies to do every kind of work. Perfectionist and laborious, lover of things done well done .

He loves the “1, 2, 3, 4” of the Ramones and the “Less is more” of Mies van der Rohe and represents today the passionate support for PIT-POP project expressing balanced criticism and helpful suggestions.

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