Rafael Trujillo also known as “RATRU” is an innate artist passionate about life. At an early age he discovered his love for arts and since then decided that painting, illustration, forms and colors would be his lifestyle.

He was born in 1963 in Medellin, Colombia into a large family, the youngest of 14 brothers and sisters. His life has always been full of great stories and knowledge from his parents and siblings.

He began working in fashion visual merchandising; designing and illustrating tales, games and other pieces or work. Studying advertising in Instituto de Artes he worked for 10 years as an illustrator in one of the best known Advertising Agencies of the city.

In 1991 decided to create his own studio ATGRAPHICSTUDIO together with his wife, who supports and joins him in this amazing path. Since then he has grown both personally and as a company to guide his customers in the visual development of their products.

His versatile work and constant curiosity to be better every day have led him to explore techniques such as airbrush, oleo painting, digitalization and now the 3D world. He hopes to leave a legacy as a painter and illustrator whose artworld gave him the most happiness.

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