Staff in the spotlight- Week 11!

Oct 07, 2013

Staff Spotlight Questionnaire

1.    Name: Joe Mozer

2.    Title at ALI: Imaging Specialist

 3.    What does your job require you to do? Make magical high res files for our archive. I also help users connect and transfer files to our FTP.

 4.    What is your favorite type of art? Daguerreotype, Woodcut prints, pen and ink.

  5.    What is your favorite trade show to attend? (Or what trade show would you like to attend)?  It would be cool to go to PhotoPlus.

 6.    What ALI artists do you think are artists to watch (choose 4)? 

Nina Papiorek, Bob Byerley, Sebastien Lory, Maciej Duczynski

7.    Where did you grow up? Long Island – Suffolk County.

  8.    What is your family like? Dad’s a Hydro-Geologist turned Science Teacher, Mom designed kitchens (really they’re both old hippie’s at heart) and my older brother does graphic design in NYC.

  9.    What do you do in your free time? Spin records, write Atari BASIC, record and play guitar.

  10.                  What is your favorite movie/TV Show? It’s a toss up between Brazil and Vertigo for movies, Right now its Community for TV.

  11.                  What is your favorite song? “Pull Away-So Many times” by Dust.

 12.                  What is your favorite book?  “Breakfast of Champions” by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

13.                  What is your favorite food? Chicken Tetrazinni.

 14.                  If you could visit 1 place on Earth for 24 hours, where would you go? Nepal.

 15.                  What is a personal tidbit of info you would like to share?

I’m an old school AD&D nerd.


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