After earning his Bachelor of Fine Art from Central Washington University in 1984, Steve took a side trip with his wife, Carolyn, to Colombia, South America, where they lived with Colombian friends. Upon returning to the United States, Steve began a successful career in illustration, providing general and medical work to a lay medical publishing company.

In 2006, right around the time of the Great Recession, Steve launched his fine art gallery, and despite the economy, his paintings found homes with collectors through galleries and private website sales. While Steve paints, Carolyn markets and writes about his work, and the couple run Steve Henderson Fine Art the way the same way they bicycled through South America years before — together.

Contemporary realist Jack Beal landed upon Steve's website and wrote Steve, “I have just become aware of your work, and I am fascinated. The humanism and colors of your pictures are wonderful.” His thoughts mirror that of collectors, viewers, and gallery owners, many of whom comment on Steve's free, yet controlled, use of color and brushtroke movement.

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