Susan was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, however her father and grandfathers were native Vermonters. During her younger years, Susan and family would often vacation and visit family in Vermont. Eventually, her father moved the family back home to Vermont when she was 11.  Her youthful interest in art continued through high school and into college where she earned a degree in Fine Arts from Green Mountain College located in Poultney, VT.    Shortly afterwards, Susan first began to paint primitives, which quickly turned into her passion.

Working in the style of Wysocki, Wooster Scott and Moses, Susan’s unique primitive paintings harkens back to an earlier era of American art. She doesn’t limit her settings to Vermont but includes places from all over the country.

Each painting tells a story and reflects the things she loves – old towns, beautiful houses, barns, churches, lighthouses, sea and landscapes.  She often takes pictures of these settings for use in upcoming projects.  Her artwork often reflects her love for the Green Mountain State but there’s a diversity to her work as well.  As she traveled around the country in the past, she was exposed to different regions and cultures and these too, soon became subjects for her work. Now that Susan has settled back in Vermont she spends her time transferring those pictures and ideas to canvas as well as continuing to snap pictures of the New England countryside. Her dog Danby, who has since passed, is found in each and every painting. Her award winning paintings have made it into juried shows and is collected around the nation including a piece owned by John Irving, author of “Cider House Rules” and “The World According to Garp”.

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