My name is Tanja Ware. I have been an artist, in one way or another, for most of my life. At age 13, I sold my first illustration to be printed on the cover of a local technical school and I was hooked. Commissioned portraits provided extra money throughout my school years. Next came a 23 year career as a commercial illustrator and graphic designer where I had the opportunity to work on many, many projects from album covers to advertising campaigns to package design and book illustrations. Even though I loved my job, I took an early retirement and turned to fine art. I love it! Currently, I am working in oil, pastel, watercolor, acrylic, pen and ink and graphite with pastels being a favorite. I work in the realism style, though not photo realism. While not an abstract painter, I do enjoy the abstractions that occur when painting subjects in an extreme close focus format or from unusual angles. I work in a variety of genres including landscape, floral, animals/wildlife, still life and portraits. Over the years, I have been fortunate to receive several national, regional and local awards for my artwork. It is my hope that my future will include many more paintings and the opportunity to improve.

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