Ton Pret is a painter artist with a very personal style, characterized by a very bold use of color, incredibly imaginative figures and an explosion of enthusiasm, spontaneity, passion and positivity. Influential people in the world of art as Erik Hermida and Geert Jan Jansen describe the style of Ton Pret as "exponent of Cobra," "Cobra 60 years later" or "Cobra of the 21st century." Whatever you call it, it is clearly the "Ton Pret Style". The style of Ton Pret is best described as "colorful realism of a different reality, with a strong positive effect". With his work Ton wants to bring out the positive in man, by taking them to another reality, where positivity is the most important factor.

Although as a child Ton drew a lot, molded and did other forms of creativity, it took many years before he decided to become a painter artist. From one day to another, he knocked over the helm and has followed his heart. He also has no single artistic training, but is a pure autodidact who totally isn’t guided by rules or tendencies, but only follows his spontaneity and inexhaustible fantasy. The paintings of Ton are his transformation into another reality. With his paintings he gives the viewer the opportunity to share this other reality. The viewer is token to another dimension and experience, which gives a certain feeling of happiness.

In a very short time, Ton became well known in the world of art and his work was also seen in the famous Amsterdam Beurs van Berlage, the Fortezza da Basso in Florence, the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, Ascona, The Louvre museum in Paris, Barcelona and the Rotterdam Kunsthal museum. Not only his paintings and sculptures are sought after by collectors and enthusiasts, but also his famous art shoes, jeans, jackets, watches, design furniture etc have become true collector items. For this reason Ton designed special art shoes for Dutch most exclusive shoe brand Greve and also for the catwalk in Paris. Even the Dutch Shoes Museum added some art high heels to their collection and his art edition of the Michael Kors handbag, is added to the collection of the Dutch Museum of Bags & Purses in Amsterdam.

Among his clients are well known collectors and celebrities, who also appreciate his work and even one of them let Ton painted his Ferrari 355 GTS in a real driving artwork. Ton also did some furniture design and some really serious designers are working with him in collaboration and even the famous Alessandro Mendini is interested in a collaboration. Other very special pieces of art, are a hand painted design bath tube for a design company and an original Fender Stratocaster in collaboration with the famous French guitaris Jean-Pierre Danel, Brian May (QUEEN) and Steve Lukather (TOTO), Hank Marvin (SHADOWS) and French superstar Jean-Jacques Goldman. Furher on art editions of the famous Philippe Starck chairs, an art edition of an Italian design bike for Duedipicche and recently some very special glasses and sunglasses for American Eyewear Design Alliance, which will go global. And there is a lot more to come…….

Also for work in commission.

Since 24-11-2014 Ton Pret is a "proud member" of the prestigious Founders Carbon Network

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