Get Unreal with Sheena Pike!

Sep 25, 2017

For Canadian illustrator Sheena Pike, there was just something rather uninspiring about drawing realism and, after years of chasing perfection with her pencils, she eventually lost interest in drawing altogether.

Turning to graphic design as an alternative creative outlet, Sheena switched gears and took a hiatus from drawing. However, the universe had other plans for her future as an artist and there eventually came a day when Sheena once again found a pencil in her hand.

With a fresh perspective and a dream of achieving commercial success, Sheena began to rediscover and reinterpret her imagination, experiencing her creativity in new and exciting ways.

“When I began envisioning my drawings as products, the possibilities, the ideas, and my ambitions were endless. I began enjoying my work significantly more, and it greatly reflected in my creativity.”

Inspired by many things, Sheena enjoys exploring the beautiful, imaginative world of pop surrealism by combining realistic and illustrative styles. Whimsy and otherworldly, her work often evokes an intensity, giving you a glimpse into her creative mind and the way she sees the world.

Sheena Pike was featured in Colored Pencil Magazine’s Winter 2015 issue, as well as a 2016 article highlighting her mixed media techniques. Check out the latest issue of Colored Pencil Magazine to read more about Sheena and her journey to becoming the stunningly talented artist she is today!



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Colored Pencil Magazine is featuring two ALI artists!

Sep 27, 2013

Colored Pencil Magazine “inspires passionate colored pencil artists, both beginners and pros, with up-to-date information and tips, as well as showcasing some of the best colored pencil art in the world. It is a testament to the increased amount of respect and fan base that colored pencils has attained as a medium in recent years.” Art Licensing is super excited to announce that two of our artists get the honor of being featured in the October 2013 edition of this magazine.


Aron Gadd and Cecile Baird both have a four page spread which will tell their story and feature their beautiful work. You can see how different their styles are, yet both amazing.


Aron Gadd is one of the leading animal portrait artists in the United Kingdom, with nearly 30 years experience in producing attractive and accurate studies of horses, dogs, and cats. 





Working primarily in oil and colored pencil, Cecile Baird has developed a realistic style that captures the drama, beauty and simplicity of everyday objects in her still life paintings. With their strong sense of composition and lighting, her paintings always draw the viewer back again and again.




Take a look at their portfolios so you can see all of their amazing work. 


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