Lee Mitchelson

Lee Mitchelson

Lee says “With every painting I do, I am after one key emotional response.  It is an absolutely transcendent moment.  As I put in the final catch-lights in a horse’s eyes, the last wisp of mane affected by the breeze, I see the shimmer of life resonate in the animal on my canvas.  I put my soul in the work, but it is the spirit of Horse, that reaches back to me.  It feels like the most precious gift I can receive as an artist.  And it is not just with horses, it is every creature I have ever painted.  I want that same magical moment to be felt by other people too, when they see my art.”

Lee Mitchelson’s animal art is collected worldwide. She is a member of Oil Painters of America and one of the original charter members of The National Museum of Women in the Arts. Lee has illustrated several books and her paintings are represented by Goldenstein Art in Sedona, AZ.

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