Since 2003, Aleta Pippin, abstract artist, has continued to explore and reassess her artistic journey. With abstraction as the vehicle, she continues to study color, depth, movement, and energy for which her abstract paintings are noted.

Creating is what motivates Pippin. By the time she was a teenager she was drawing figures and creating posters for school. Then her creations took her into another direction: marriage, children, and job. The drive to create lived on inspiring Pippin to open her own business in 1984. That business eventually made the list of the 50 largest women-owned businesses in Houston.

Creation continued to motivate Pippin, facilitating a move to Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1991. She took her first painting lesson in 1992. After a four-year hiatus beginning in 1997, Pippin re-committed to painting. Intently focused as an abstract artist, she was inspired – the paintings were fresher and more sophisticated. They quickly evolved through various processes from acrylics to oils, to mixed media, and once again returning to acrylics and oils. The commitment to paint became complete during this metamorphosis.

“Being an artist is a life journey as well as an interior journey. I’m continually assessing my work considering how I’d like it to evolve. As a result, I’m constantly exploring various media, resulting in learning new skills. I consider my artwork a tribute to the beauty and the vibrational impact that color imparts and infuse that appreciation into every piece.”

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