Ann Stookey’s goal in each painting is to capture a happy moment in time when a slower paced life allowed for a greater appreciation of the simple pleasures. She tries to invite the viewer to step into her paintings, and share a moment of pleasure.

Born in Utah, and raised on a farm by her grandmother, Ann always knew she would be an artist. “As a child living on a farm there were many hours to fill, and my grandmother encouraged me to paint and draw. She always made certain I had an adequate supply of paints, pencils, and paper. I spent many enjoyable hours at her kitchen table painting scenes from my imagination while enjoying the warmth of her big wood cook stove.”

In her quest for inspiration, Ann travels winding roads in search of old hidden mining and ghost towns, often finding some residents clinging to the lifestyle they know. These places and their inhabitants are a constant inspiration and echo a life that no longer exists. “I have chosen to romanticize a time past, a time when family unity was s stronger and a sense of community greater, doing it in an effort to reflect the longing of our age for a simpler and hopefully more rewarding life.”

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