If I were a real musician, and not the amateur guitar player that I am, I’m pretty sure I would be a studio session player because I’m just a reliable, hard-working guy with an appreciation for quality and creating something great with no desire for the spotlight.

As it is I chose art as a career and have approached it with the same attitude. I feel a connection to many styles and love to experiment and learn from others. Much of my work has been behind the scenes in various capacities, and much of it under the art direction of clients, which has forced me to approach things differently and learn new things.

I’ve designed home and gift products for many years from concept sketches to technical drawings, often for licensed properties, such as ( George Lucas’ favorite! ) R2D2 cookie jar, and an abstracted Mickey Mouse teakettle for Copco.

I’ve lived most of my life in New Jersey and still do. I’m married with 2 grown children and one adorable granddaughter.

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