D. T. Walsh has been a freelance cartoonist / writer for over 15 years.

His drawing career began at the age of 4, when he 'thrilled' his mom and dad, by rendering cartoon characters on the living room wall in vibrant crayons.

He graduated with a degree in graphic art from Iona College.

The artists that have inspired D. T. Walsh, are an eclectic group. His favorites include Walt Disney, Michelangelo, Bill Watterson (creator of 'Calvin and Hobbes'), and Berkeley Breathed (of 'Bloom County' fame).  Eclectic indeed!

The artwork of D. T. Walsh has been published internationally in greeting cards, books, magazines, newspapers, and musical CD covers. 

"I don't know where it comes from", D. T. observes, "But when the muse hits, I let it wash over me. I am able to create images and ideas that I consciously did not know I had in me. Curious, don't you think?"  D.T. continues, "A sense of humor is paramount. When really funny words accompany a well crafted cartoon, there's just nothing better.... except maybe pepperoni pizza."    

When D. T. Walsh is not in his studio in North Carolina, he can be found napping, time traveling, and leaping tall hedges in a single bound.

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