Emily Louise Heard is a contemporary artist from South Wales, passionate about creating colourful sky and landscapes in a mixture of oils and acrylics. Her process is about pouring her heart and soul into a canvas, bare and exposed for everyone to see. Emily’s paintings are not about realism, detail or perfection. They are about colour, emotions and expression. Every brush stroke is a cathartic healing process, an escape from reality and into peace.

Emily grew up in a small seaside village, which is very much reflected in her work. The primary drive behind her process is centred around emphasizing and capturing the stunning quality of the sky and sea. To aid this, her method is focused around use of colour and energetic brush strokes to convey beauty and a sense of peace. Emily’s work is typically embellished with subtle shimmery highlights using pearlized pigment powder and gold leaf to catch the viewers’ eye in differing levels of light.

Emily’s initial fear of becoming a 'starving artist' drove her to study Psychology at university and put her on a path that she didn't really want to follow. Since working in several offices for a few years, she made the somewhat scary decision to begin chasing her dream of sharing her art with others. To her delight, people wanted to buy her work and the rest is history! 


There have been moments of frustration, fear and uncertainty, but Emily’s passion and determination keeps her creating the art she loves, and she hasn't looked back since. 

Emily’s psychology studies have inspired her to create works of art that are aimed at simply making people feel happy. Emotions are the spirit of life, and she is extremely passionate about capturing them in her work.  

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