I'll tell you briefly my passion for photography ..... My passion comes out in a sad moment of my life .. I was in the car while I was crying the death of my father .... And I started looking at the sky ... The clouds ... And I began to take pictures .... take pictures always excites me .. when I take a picture I get excited ... I am moved to a sunset .... clouds .... Heaven. ... Alba .... Nature .... in all that my eyes asking to freeze the picture at that moment .... I picked up in a video that I called "Urban Emotions" posted on YouTube photographs that I think excite the viewer ...... my children have advised me this song as the background because he speaks with God .... And asks him .... Where are you? .... It seemed to me a good song that transmits emotions while you watched the pictures .... I sincerely thank you and farewell.

P.S. I live in Rome. But I was born in Tuscany.

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