I’m a freelance artist and creative director living in the State College / Bellefonte area in Pennsylvania, with my wife, Lesha and our two children, Michael and Isabella.

My Style:

I create artwork in two very different styles:  light and dark, which is an unusual mix.  I genuinely enjoy illustrating fun, happy things as much as I enjoy designing dark, creepy things.  The result of my work is generally a hybrid blend of both.

My art style tends to be humorous and quirky, and sometimes a bit odd.  This makes sense, because my wife says that I am humorous and quirky, and sometimes a bit odd.

My Origin Story:

After graduating from Penn State University, my first full-time gig as an illustrator was for a motorcycle decal manufacturer called XGX Racing.  My creative director was a seriously talented illustrator from the video game industry, and I absorbed everything I could. He showed me a lot of the tricks I use today as a digital illustrator, and also taught me how to successfully run a business and manage a team.

Then I got married and moved back to my hometown of State College Pennsylvania, to raise children, and to work for Jostens Printing and Publishing as a book cover illustrator.

With the help of my family, friends, and clients, I finally was able to take the leap into freelancing full-time.  Nothing has made me happier than running my own business out of my own studio.  It’s a crazy, stressful, exciting, rewarding, and challenging adventure – and I honestly can’t imagine doing anything else.

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