In 1999, Fractalicious® founder Kimberly Rae Hansen had a devastating car accident that forever changed her life. Breaking her back, and twisting her spinal cord, she had to re-invent herself, as she could no longer effectively work at her current job. A wife and mother of one, she was determined to find some way to productively fill her time, to find a way to contribute as she had before, re-learning to do it all paralyzed in a wheelchair. Raised by professional artists/photographers as a child, she knew in her heart she wanted to do something creative; to return to her imaginative roots.

During her soul searching, Kimberly discovered fractal art; a digital art form based upon mathematics, full of abstract shapes and infinitely, repeating lines and spirals. Something just clicked. She had found her artistic calling, outlet, and medium. Soon after, a dream was born. Kimberly began by traveling to juried art shows across the western United States, quickly establishing her reputation as ‘the fractal lady of the west.’ Every show brought people to her booth asking for ways to wear her art, to see it on other mediums than just art work for walls. When she kept dreaming of her art on scarves and handbags, Kimberly knew she needed to do something more, and created the registered brand, Fractalicious, and working with wholesalers and manufacturers to create wearable art. To date, Kimberly’s art has been showcased by galleries and juried art shows across the United States, including the prestigious Los Angeles Center of Digital Art and the Museum of Computer Art, hangs in homes and businesses across North America, and has been licensed worldwide for use on clothing, fashion accessories, home goods, corporate identity products, and for web and graphic design. Kimberly is thrilled to have agency representation with Art Licensing International, Inc. as of May 2016, and for all the growth and change that this will bring.

It brings Kimberly great joy to bring her fractal creations to life, and share them with the world. Every day being a blessed, stolen gift, for she never would have found fractals, nor built the business she has today, if not for her nearly life stealing accident and injury. It is her sincere hope to inspire others with her story, her passion, and her art.

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