Mark S. Perry (1955- ), has spent his entire life in Ohio. Born in the picturesque, historic river town of Marietta, Ohio, Mark was raised along the Ohio River in the small town of Belpre, OH. His interests were science and the arts throughout his education. Fascinated by his Dad’s Polaroid camera in the 60’s, Mark’s interest in photography was strong but life didn’t allow him to pursue photography with vigor until later in life. Mark attended and graduated from Ohio University in Athens, OH majoring in microbiology and completed the pre-medical technology program. He went on to become a registered medical technologist specializing in microbiology.His distinguished career in medicine has consisted of successful positions in management and diagnostic sales. Before devoting his free time to digitalphotography, Mark officiated high school and college baseball for 38 seasons which included experience officiating a Division III College World Series and professional baseball. After his son, Jared, was raised and through college, Mark then focused like a laser beam on his love for photography as an art. In 2008, he founded the Midwest Photography Enthusiasts Group (MPEG) which has over 150 members from Ohio and five surrounding states. Mark is the “Chief Enthusiast”. Mark’s love for scenic landscapes and our precious wildlife is evident in his photography. His work has been published in ezines like Photography Week, park and recreation magazines, and a video for wolf preservation. Mark is best known for his love for American bald eagle and HDR (high dynamic range ) photography and digital paintery art techniques.His wife of 35 years, Kimberly, is a nurse and they currently live in Cleveland, OH “next to” the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Ohio’s only National Park. Their long term goal is a move to southwestern Montana.

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