Hal Frenck is a graduate of Syracuse University School of Art and Science. He had a prolific career as an illustrator and worked as an art director for Batten Barton Durston and Osborn in New York City. After working for various studios in New York and Philadelphia, Hal became a freelance illustrator in New York City. He worked for such prestigious publishing houses as Bantom, Doubleday, Sadler, Daw, Dunton, Macmillan, Panthion and many more. For a complete list of Hal’s accomplishments you can reference the Internet. Google lists more than 2,500 references to his work.

After a successful career as an illustrator, Hal devotes himself exclusively to oil painting. His paintings have been shown in the Westport Art Center, Southport Art Center and Picture This Gallery in Westport. Hal is also an accomplished portrait and figure painter and member of the Portrait Society of America.

Hal’s style is unique in both landscape and portraiture. He is an impressionist painter who uses light and color to evoke a response from the viewer. He uses lively, authentic brushwork which gives his paintings a sense of confidence and purpose. As he works on a piece, Hal allows the painting to evolve according to the dialog that takes place between the artist and the work. There is a conversation that happens between the work and the artist which adds a depth of meaning making Hal’s work truly unique.

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