Juan de Lascurain was born in Mexico City in 1971 and grew up in Monterrey, Mexico. At the age of 17 he moved to the United States to play tennis. His dad influenced him in the area of sports at a very young age. His mom always told him that all things were possible and that he had a purpose for being in this world. He arrived in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and after receiving a grant, scholarship and part time work, he attended the Oral Roberts University and began playing varsity tennis.

In 1994 he graduated with a degree in International business and traveled extensively competing in triathlons and amateur world championships.

After his triathlon career he moved to Los Angeles and started coaching tennis to clients involved in the entertainment business in Beverly Hills. There he met a businessman who had a non-profit tv network and offered Juan 30 minutes per week to start his own show. Without prior experience Juan started ¨Vida Youth¨, which later became ¨Dream Big.¨

In 2009 without knowing that he had artistic talent he decided to develop the ¨Dream Big¨concept to its fullest. His artistic experience was only doodling in napkins and notebooks when he was bored. One day a lady saw a napkin that was covered in his doodles and encouraged him to start painting.

Juan painted his first painting and was surprised by the result, he discovered something he had no clue. Four years later Juan has original art work, and a collection of over 5,000 graphic designs. It is the first brand where all of the designs have been created on the i-phone.

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