Hi, I'm Kimberly Pelkey. Welcome to my whimsical world...I'm the artist behind Kwerki Studios.  Kwerki Studios is my fun filled world of unique illustrations and designs. My work is inspired by many things in my life that I love or find fascinating.  I desire for my work to be not only unique, but colorful as well.  I especially love animals, and love to paint them in colors other than their norm.

In my Whimsical World , you will also find a lot of birds... I love birds, as I'm truly fascinated by the many shapes and colors on their feathers.  Throughout this  Whimsical journey, you will also encounter many magical faces, fish, trees, flowers, clocks, seahorses, shapes, designs, and many other whimsical creatures within my magical world.

In this Magical and Whimsical World....  You'll see that I love using many different and bright colors. These colors remind me of candy...  And well... looking at candy makes me happy.  I really have a strong passion and love for creating  these kwerki illustrations. 

Moreover, I hope that my illustrations in my whimsical world will bring you much happiness.  I hope you will enjoy your visit here while having a look into my kwerki filled whimsical world.  A world filled with all sorts of colorful creatures.... Enjoy your journey through my whimsical world... Thank you.

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