Nationally Recognized artist, Lee Dubin, is best known for her charming, beautifully executed paintings of life in the Victorian Era.

A native Californian who continues to paint in her Los Angles studio, Dubin says, “I have painted since I could first hold a paint brush. All I really ever wanted to be was an artist.”

Dubin attended the finest art schools in California including Chouinard Art Institute, Otis Art Institute, UCLA, and Los Angles Trade Technical College. Her technique of glazing and underpainting is a direct result of studying the works of the old masters.

Tissot, Mary Cassatt and Alma Tadema are among the painters whom she most admires and from whom she gets inspiration, but her all time favorite is Norman Rockwell whose work she greatly respects because of his sensitive portrayal of the people he painted.

One glance at a Dubin painting is not enough. Upon further study, one soon discovers a fascinating visual story: An inside look as it were, into the lives and history of a bygone era. “I find what is the best of the old and translate it into a presentation that will interest a contemporary audience.”

Lee enjoys the challenge of capturing shapes, textures and design, paying the utmost attention to the smallest details. Making certain that the costumes, characters and backgrounds are technically correct often involves intensive research at libraries, museums or antique stores throughout the country. “I sometimes feel like a detective. I try to imagine the personalities of each of the characters before I start to paint. I think of what life was like in their place and time, then I sit down and put it all together, to create what I visualized in my mind.”

A prolific and continually active artist, she is accomplished in many medias including watercolor, oil and pastels as well as lithographs and etchings.

Lee Dubin’s delightful works of art can be found gracing the walls of homes and office throughout America.

“I hope that through my art, I can bring to you a glance of yesterday, perhaps a moment of peace or just a gentle pause in life.”

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