Libo was born in 1964 in Shandong, China. He got his start publishing his work in various newspapers and magazines throughout China. Libo's preferred medium is oil. LiBo has gained a following by participating in several exhibitions in China. From 1991 – 2007 LiBo's work was shown at:The Chinese Oil Painting ExhibitionThe Literature Symposium for Memory of Chairman MaoThe Boya Oil Painting ExhibitionThe Youth Oil Painting ExhibitionThe East BridgeheadJiangsu Art Festival (LiBo won the bronze medal)The Best of Chinese Oil Painting ExhibitionThe Jaingsu Province Artwork ExhibitionThe Jaingsu Oil Painting Exhibition (again LiBo won bronze)China-Korea Art Intercommunion ExhibitionFrom 1999 – 2007 LiBo participated in the International Art Expo held in Shanghai, China. There he was successful in selling his original oil paintings. In 2004 LiBo showed his work at The Art Fair Zurich (Switzerland) where he sold out and gained international recognition.Since then, LiBo has exhibited at Art Ireland (Germany), Artexpo New York, Artexpo Las Vegas, and has held personal exhibitions in Taiwan.

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