Maria Silvia Mascarenhas, was born in Brazil, in 1962, her home still. As a young child Maria’s artistic skills were unmistakable. Her parents, Julieta and Edouard Trad, realizing their daughter had talent, encouraged her, providing her with resources to aid in her future career. So at the age the age of 7, Maria started taking classes in Academic Drawing.

During a study trip in Europe, Maria took a course in Art History, where she visited many museums in Italy, France and England. She was so inspired by the artwork she saw, she started painting watercolors herself. In the following years she took classes to develop her watercolor and oil techniques.

In 1984 Maria graduated, from the Sao Paulo University, with a degree in

Industrial Design and Visual Communications

Maria took part in major exhibitions in Spain, winning many awards for her watercolor techniques. In 1985, Maria won the ART MINE award from the Agora Gallery in Soho, New York.

During the 90’s Maria worked designing catalogs, logos and web sites, specializing as a Graphic Designer.

Today, her graphic skills and painting techniques are joined with computer technology, expressing her creativity, sensibility and outstanding quality in digital images. Maria has published many stationery collections for the top companies in the Brazilian market.

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