Marie Marfia is a pastel artist who likes painting skeletons, waves, belly dancers, vegetables, people on the beach, and women on magic carpets.

Marie got her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Kendall College of Art & Design in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She worked the next 30 years as a graphic designer, honing her compositional skills and learning how to work under deadlines. It was only recently that she picked up pastels to try her hand at fine art painting, and promptly fell in love with the medium. She paints every day and likes to think, with all that practice, by the time she’s 80, she’ll be fantastic!

Marie is one of eleven children born to hard working parents. She was the first girl after seven boys and, not having a name picked out in advance, her father and brothers decided to draw one out of a hat. Fortunately, Marie’s mom woke up in time to name her after her grandmother and that was that, except her brothers still continue to call her Mitzi. She currently lives and works in Jacksonville, Florida with her husband and two happy dogs.

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