Some of my earliest memories refer to drawing and painting. I was born and grew up in communist Bulgaria, where no opportunity for individual creative expression was possible. I still clearly remember the thrills of joy and eagerness with which I expected my drawing lessons. At the age of twelve I had already decided to become an artist - not the best choice for those days. 

Later I graduated high school of fine arts, then studied for a year textile design in  Moscow, Russia and the Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria.

After the fall of Communism in Bulgaria my family and I moved to Israel, where I graduated as a Bachelor of Arts in textile design.

I have always liked my profession but my heart was in painting. After working for years as textile designer in different parts of the world - Israel, France, Germany and lately San Diego and San Francisco, USA, I now return to my first love - painting.

When I first look at the white canvas I always feel the same thrill in my guts - what adventure lays ahead, will there be obstacles or everything will come out smoothly. The designer in me helps me find the balance between the decorative and the exquisite.

My canvases complement and contribute to the right finish of contemporary home decoration. My inspiration comes from the most simple and ordinary at first sight objects but seen through my eyes and felt in my heart.

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