I am a photographic digital artist. My artwork is created from my original photography and digitally manipulated to morph into painterly looking images with strong emphasis on color and graphic boldness. They are highly suitable for Residential, Commercial Offices, Hospitality, Hospitals, Restaurants and a selection of themed environments. They are created with in mind to be impactful and draw viewers in for a longer look.

Since acquiring my 1st 35mm camera over 35 years ago I instantly became hooked on photography and creativity. My passion for photography once ignited, I changed my course of studies from business and went to Art School to obtain a degree in commercial photography.

For 35 years I specialized in Architecture, Interiors, Hospitality and Advertising. Additionally I made a career of photographing yachts and hotels in many locations around the USA, Caribbean and other locales of the globe. My career allowed me the opportunity to pursue creating art simultaneously.

Photography is only a starting point for me. It is a springboard from which to create images beyond just what a camera can capture. In the 1970’s and 80’s artists such as Pete Turner, Eric Meola, Jay Maisel and Mitchell Funk were my inspiration. Along with Ernst Haas and other great photographers of the day, they all had heavy influence on me. Once Adobe Photoshop was created a whole new world opened for me. My photographs were now my starting point to create and morph my photos into paintings and Giclee’ prints.

Fortunately, I’ve been able to travel to many distant places. I am always working on my art and creativity. My styles change frequently and vary depending on what I photograph - from landscapes, canyons, street photography, cities, architecture, still life’s and places of interest.

My greatest satisfaction as an artist is for others to enjoy viewing my art.

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