Melissa Dawn was born in Northern California in 1983. While she always enjoyed beading and crafting, Melissa never imaged that one day she would become an artist. In 2006, after graduating college, she discovered fairy art at a local county fair and fell head over heels in love. To make up for lost time, Melissa dedicated herself to painting 12-14 hours a day (yes, seriously!), while working towards a Master's Degree in Library Science. By the time Melissa was ready to graduate, she had already begun selling her artwork and jewelry, and decided to pursue a career in art instead.

Today, Melissa is an internationally-licensed artist with a flourishing cat-loving fan base all over the world. Melissa Dawn Art has shipped to all 50 states and over 20 countries, proving that cat love is truly universal! Melissa continues to exercise her crafting creativity and has created a wide range of jewelry, gifts and accessories featuring her feline friends. All items are lovingly created in Melissa's studio and are handcrafted with the greatest care. While prints and accessories are popular items, the beautiful best-selling jewelry Melissa has created with her art remains the heart of Melissa Dawn Art.

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