Many of Michelle's talents came from her mother who was an established artist. However, Michelle is mostly self taught and has been developing her own unique painting style and skills from a very young age. Michelle obtained an Associate's degree in Fine Art in 2002. Throughout the years Michelle taught private art lessons out of her home. She also served as an art instructor at an after school program for elementary school children. She has painted murals for various businesses and homes as well as commissioned portraits and paintings. 

Whimsical and surreal, Michelle's paintings come to life with drippy colors and detailed subjects that draw the viewer in. With most of her art she uses an intuitive painting technique that allows the painting to become what it wants to be by letting the colors drip and swirl and begin to take form. From there she decides what direction the painting will go. Her paintings reflect a dreamy world where anything is possible and where fearless yet gentle subjects coexist. The end result becomes an enchanted world. Her purpose is to invite everyone who views her art into this world. Michelle presently resides in the beautiful mountains of Bellingham WA with her husband where she finds her inspiration in nature for her current animal and nature series.  

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