Natalia Rudzina was born in Minsk (Belarus) to a family of musicians, studying in music school and graduating from the School of Fine Arts for children.

She went on to study at the State Academy of Fine Arts Belarus, Minsk and thereafter, began work as an Art Director (scenery and costumes) for the state television in Minsk.

She also worked in theater, film, created costumes for "Dance - Revue "Charaunizi", ballet, figure skating, choirs and State Ensemble of Volk Dance Belarus music groups.

Since 1985, she expanded her field of work as a painter and graphic artist, with many artworks in galleries and private collections in Germany, England, France, Israel, Japan, Poland, Russia, USA, Belarus and other countries.

In 2000 during a severe political and economic crisis, she found it necessary to emigrate to Germany, eventually settling in Düsseldorf, Germany

Since December 2006, she has been a member of the BBK Düsseldorf. 

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